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Our story

The brand’s story begins in 1960, when Manuel Barceló founded Cosí Cosí Footwear and opened his first factory in Elche, one of the leading manufacturing centres in the area around Alicante. It was not their craftsmanship skills alone that made the Barceló family a leader in the manufacture of handmade rope and braiding, it was also the restless energy of the company’s founder, who understood that having full control over the production process was the key to achieving excellence. He successfully attracted the attention of renowned international brands, securing contracts for manufacturing their espadrilles, platform soles and innovative designs. A model of artisan skill and timeless exclusivity.

A few years later and inspired by his father, Manuel Barceló junior put in place the foundations of the brand as it is known today. Breathing new life into his father’s legacy, he came up with new techniques for using jute, hemp and raffia and continues to design new models with intriguing platforms, heels, new trims and materials, creating a unique style of footwear that challenges preconceived aesthetic formulas. His designs are displayed in store windows across the whole of Europe, America and Asia as well as in the brand’s own stores in Madrid, Valencia, Puerto Banús and Barcelona, a total of five stores in Spain and in La Spezia, Italy.

The meaning

Naming the brand PALOMA BARCELÓ coincided with the birth of a daughter for founder and creative director, Manuel Barceló. This event made a deep impression on the designer, and while he continued to develop collections for numerous international brands, he was on a quest to develop his own brand of footwear for a woman he imagined as different and with the kind of style he dreamt his daughter might have one day. This is how PALOMA BARCELÓ came to be.

The PALOMA BARCELÓ identity evolved over the years but never forgot its roots. A distinctive style that, season after season, combines a strong innovative trend with a deep-rooted Mediterranean spirit. Opposing features that shape the essence of the brand.


This precept is obvious and runs deeper than the range of products, collections and market segments. With its clearly defined identity and positioning, the brand appeals to a customer base that is interested in design yet highly demanding, with a strong desire to be different. Paloma Barceló is based on flair, without neglecting a sense of tradition, and a firm commitment to the modern.

Paloma Barceló design combines aesthetics, archetype and emotion that is constantly projected as the brand’s highly individual sense of self. A modern, sexy brand, arousing passions and affinity with its models, is all down to the courage of the designer, who comes up with surprising colours and forms, as well as convincing functionality.

Premium quality

The highest quality as an essential requirement: in design, selection of materials, machining, distribution, presentation and services. The product must be noble, long-lasting and good. At Paloma Barceló, quality must be maintained throughout the entire output chain.


Expression as a distinguishing feature. Modernity, cutting-edge touches and a splash of eccentricity give the brand its expressive impact.


Culture as the brand’s background and its customer commitment. Focus is essential, it requires reflection; passion for art and culture to find novel ways of developing designs. Being aware of tradition, respect for cultural values, a love of aesthetics and of the essential, this is what characterises all Paloma Barceló collections.

Presentation and services

A product like Paloma Barceló demands suitable marketing, careful staging and the best service.

In-store presentation must arouse customer interest, seduce them into buying and make the process a special experience. A genuine relationship, a bond of trust based on the same goal: to make the brand strong! With a complete presentation concept and carefully crafted corporate identity.


Manuel Barceló and his siblings, Julio, José and Maria Luisa, currently combine their skills to share management responsibilities. He brings the younger generation’s distinctive character to a family business. A boldness in terms of colours, forms and an international touch. Based on this expertise, the launch of his own brand seemed like a logical outcome.

Through his creativity, Manuel defies preconceived aesthetic formulas. The simple and the classic are intentionally distorted, rethought and revamped in the tireless search for new angles. He chooses conceptuality as his preferred form of expression. What is considered beautiful and controversial is deliberately mixed up in a ceaseless game between the past, the present and the future, where bourgeois codes are frequently dismantled and rebuilt.

Paloma Barceló collections

Pre-collections - FW/SS

Main-collections - FW/SS

Permanent collection -FW/SS

Capsule collection - FW/SS

The Paloma Barceló collections. An unconventional exploration of our society and a love of culture inspire the creation of the 4 collections presented every year by Paloma Barceló, producing expressive codes that transcend all trends. Style statements that result in creations that reinterpret reality through unusual perspectives.

“ this season we are inspired by the urban and we aimed to capture the light of the cities ”

Day to day
Capsule edition

Manuel Barceló collections

The Manuel Barceló collection features eye-catching designs with art and pop influences that have inspired completely new models. Bold shoes, built for freedom and comfort, make up a collection with geometries based on squares, ellipses, and cylindrical shapes.

A collection drawn from a variety of inspirations: from abstract expressionists to Rothko. Fine materials, delicate finishes and expert hands have come together to fashion versatile creations that evoke sensations and feelings.


The new composition in EVA & Rubber Comfort allows for greater flexion and a more balanced footstep, as well as increasing abrasion resistance.


The new material allowing impact to be spread across the entire surface is joined by a new sole with memory foam plus a removable anatomical insole, making walking an everyday pleasure.


The new sole technology means weight is kept down, resulting in a much lighter sneaker.


Jorge Juan, 19 Bajo Izq. 46004 Valencia

Edif. Benabola BI, 7 Local A1, 29660, Puerto Banús Marbella

Piazza Sant Agostino 31, 19121, La Spezia Italy

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